What We Do

Health & Wellness

On a daily basis, Orangewood staff members help our youth with their physical, emotional, and “relational” health. Often, struggles in these areas become hurdles for our youth to achieve their other goals on the path to self-sufficiency, such as securing and maintaining housing or employment, learning and retaining life skills, and pursuing an education. During the last year, we:

  • Provided assistance to over 700 youth in the Orangewood Resource Center in a total of 6,300 visits.
  • Had 94 adult mentors build positive and supportive relationships in 2,800 volunteer hours with their mentees.
  • Ensured that 53 adolescent foster youth received treatment and case management support to address mental health diagnoses, substance abuse, and more through our Full Service Partnership program.

Through our newest program, The Lighthouse, Orangewood help victims of sex trafficking by providing housing assistance and support for women who have been sex trafficked. Orangewood staff provide emotional support for sex trafficking victims.