For Our Partners

For Our Partners

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When you partner with Lyon Workforce Academy, you join a group of changemakers who are committed to shaping the future of our workforce.

You’ll cultivate a talented and diverse workforce to meet the evolving needs of businesses like yours while helping our young adults on a positive path towards a new sustainable career!

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About Lyon Workforce Academy

Our corporate partners have the opportunity to work with committed candidates: motivated young adults between the ages of 18 – 25 who are eager to gain work experience and contribute to your company’s success. Over the course of one year, apprentices learn valuable skills in a hands-on, paid, training program with one of our corporate partners and attend workshops that specialize in life skills and professional development.

A partnership with Lyon Workforce Academy means…

  • Access to dedicated candidates with work experience and vocational assessment
  • Pre-employment training and soft skills workshops for candidates
  • Ongoing support for enhanced employee retention
  • Diversifying your workforce and promote inclusivity
  • Potential tax benefits for your company
  • Trauma-informed training for employees
  • Enhanced employee culture and satisfaction
  • Engagement in community initiatives that drive positive change and foster social responsibility
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You can make a difference!

By investing time and training, this program has helped young adults who have struggled to overcome barriers to create a career for themselves. Through our inclusive support system, candidates benefit from individualized employment coaching, counseling sessions, job readiness workshops, expert resume preparation, mock interview practice, and assistance with clothing and transportation, ensuring their success within your organization.

What makes a great partnership with Lyon Workforce Academy?

Your company shares our vision of providing full-time employment, competitive wages, growth opportunities and on-the-job training to young adults. You are committed to making a positive impact in local communities, recognizing the potential and value of investing in future generations.

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LWA Partners

If you have any questions, please email us at LWA@orangewoodfoundation.org