What We Do

Basic Needs

Many foster youth struggle to become self-sufficient once they are released from foster care at age 18. Some are homeless or in unstable housing while others are under- or un-employed. Through our onsite resource center we help these youth with the basics such as non-perishable food, toiletries, and hot lunches. Additionally, we offer access to mail boxes, computers, and a washer and dryer. During the last year, we:

  • Provided assistance to 506 youth in the Orangewood Resource Center in a total of 4,332 visits.
  • Distributed 875 bags of groceries and 673 bags of toiletries.
  • Served 2,353 hot meals to 279 youth.
  • Served as the official mailing address for 101 youth who have no stable living arrangements.
  • Provided laundry facilities to 76 youth.
  • Provided computer access to 270 youth.