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In the News

09/21/2015 - The late Jim McNamara

October 2013

Jim McNamara was born in 1924 in Hastings, Minnesota. He was the second of six boys and raised during the Depression era primarily by his mother. At the age of 16 he joined the Army. He served for 24 years, including in the Korean War, and eventually rose to the rank of Major. Jim married Oralee in 1947 and the couple went on to have five children. They lived in various states and in Europe while Jim was in the service.

In the early 1960s, Jim and his family moved to Garden Grove and he started a new career in banking and finance. He worked for Union Bank for several years and then The William Lyon Company for 14 years. He retired as a Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for the company.

Retirement didn’t last long for Jim as he became actively involved in charitable causes with Orangewood Foundation, City of Hope, Boy Scouts of America, and the Sisters of the Sacred Heart. During his almost 30 years of involvement with Orangewood, Jim wanted to help out however he could. He understood the value of higher education and the importance of our college scholarship program. At the same time he recognized how hard it was to raise money. He and Oralee were frequent event sponsors and major contributors to many of Orangewood programs. Jim was a great fundraiser too. He was so likeable and passionate about Orangewood it was hard for people to say no to him!

Jim and Oralee genuinely loved to meet Orangewood youth in person, even attending a student/donor reception held outdoors on a sweltering August afternoon last year! Among Orangewood staff Jim was known as a Santa of sorts…a happy, white-haired man going cubicle to cubicle handing out candy canes in mid-December and thanking each person for their hard work during the year.

Jim was the father of five children, grandfather of eight, and great-grandfather of 10. He was a friend and source of inspiration to countless others. He died in December at the age of 88. In an interview by high school students for a paper on honoring war veterans, Jim said, “I have a great, wonderful family and a great, rewarding life. I’m a very lucky guy.” All of us who had the privilege of knowing Jim consider ourselves the lucky ones!

09/17/2015 - Youth Highlight

09/17/2015 - My Orangewood

The Orangewood Foundation “My Orangewood” program is a great way to celebrate or mark an occasion and support our youth at the same time. In a few easy steps, you can share your passion for Orangewood with family, friends and colleagues.

Click here to Go to My Orangewood Now! 

09/17/2015 - Our Auxiliaries


44 Women for Children

Founded in 1999 by Susan Samueli, the 44 Women for Children auxiliary contributes to Orangewood Foundation by nurturing, supporting and inspiring adolescents emancipating from the foster care system on their 18th birthdays. 44 Women for Children focuses its efforts on three key areas: providing mentoring and education, increasing community awareness about child abuse and neglect, and hosting annual fundraising events.

For more information, vist the 44 Women for Children website or contact Jeff Gilstrap, Manager of Auxiliary Services, at jgilstrap@orangewoodfoundation.org or at (714) 619-0200 ext. 237.



Orangewood PALS

Orangewood PALS is a group of fun and energetic professionals who have come together to make a positive impact on the lives of abused and neglected children in Orange County. PALS supports the work of the Orangewood Children’s Foundation in a variety of ways, including hosting events and activities for the abused children placed at Orangewood Children’s Home (now called the Orangewood Children & Family Center), funding Orangewood scholarships, and mentoring former foster youth in college. Members also enjoy social events such as the annual Athlete’s First Gala and Golf event held at the St. Regis Monarch Beach.

For more information, visit the Orangewood PALS website or contact Jeff Gilstrap, Manager of Auxiliary Services, at jgilstrap@orangewoodfoundation.org at (714) 619-0200 ext. 237.

09/17/2015 - Samueli Academy

Samueli Academy is our free public charter high school for foster and community youth. Visit the website to learn more about what makes our school so great!