Holidays at Orangewood


The holiday season is a time of mixed emotions for our youth. For young adults who are transitioning from foster care to adulthood, the holidays can bring up difficult memories. COVID-19 adds an additional layer of complex emotions and feelings for our youth. Our youth report that they are unable to visit friends or family, losing their jobs due to non-essential employment, experiencing feelings of isolation, fear for their own health and safety as well as their loved ones, and facing additional barriers to access services like emergency and/or short-term housing (shelters/sober livings) due to housing facilities reducing their capacity levels.

Each year, Orangewood Foundation coordinates a holiday drive for the youth that we serve.

Our gift cardHoliday Wish List features items that our youth need as they transition into adulthood. Anything that we can provide to our youth during this stage of their lives, big or small, can make a huge impact. Our youth know they are not forgotten or alone during this special time of year, thanks to the support of people like you. Thank you!

Below are items typically on our youth’s wish lists:

Gift cards
(Target, Amazon, Uber/Lyft in increments of $25 or $50)


Socks (all sizes)

Pots and pans

Hygiene items
(Body wash, Shampoo, and Conditioner)

If you would like to fulfill a youth’s wish list please contact Humberto Rojas at or (714) 619-0220.

If you would like to make a year-end donation, please visit

Thank you!